kaija papu

At the moment I am making a soft life-size police car which surface will be hand crocheted. The car is sculpted from foam plastic and it is resting on a wooden construction. The surface will be hand crocheted imitating the colors and features of a real police car. I am making a Skoda Octavia, since that is the most common police car in Finland. The art piece will be really detailed and for example the logos in the car will be embroided by hand.

Police force and cars in general are usually considered hard and masculine and crocheting feminine. I want to put these aspects into a collision and see what comes out of the crash. In front of this art piece the viewer is smilingly forced to ponder the origins of these gender norms.

This art piece also demonstrates the visuality of power, how police's and other institutions' authority relies in visual symbols. When common skoda is painted in white and blue and added police in it with certain font it changes from a regular car to a representative of a certain institute. People's emotions are directed to these visual symbols rather than towards the cars and people wearing them.

The art piece will be presented 16.6.-12.8.2012 in Camouflage exhibition in Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland.

The art piece has been funded by:
-Arts Council of Finland www.taiteenkeskustoimikunta.fi
-Majaoja foundation, www.majaoja-saatio.fi
-Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, www.kulturfonden.fi

The art piece has been sponsored by:
-Geopalvelu Oy, 3D scanning of the police car, www.geopalvelu.fi
-Kannonpuu Oy, timber, www.kannonpuu.fi
-Novita Oy, yarn, www.novita.fi
-Recticel Oy, foam plastic, www.recticel.fi

Following institutions/people have helped me in the process:
-Finnish National Traffic Police, Tampere's unit
-Bachelor of Science (Arch) Annariitta Linna helped with the technical drawings
-Visual artist Jarno Vesala (www.jarnovesala.com) helped with the producing
-A-K, Taija Goldblatt, Laura Lehtinen, Laura Mykkänen and Verna Tervaharju helped me with Chocheting/knitting .

You are able to check the process of the work in a blog called Kaija Papu virkkausvallan käsissä. You can find it in http://www.novita.fi/blogit/576167. It is in finnish, BUT the blog will emphasize in pictures and you can use google translate to get some hints of the text.

Here's an example what can be found in the blog.

The music in the background is Digitaalimiehet.



All Kaino comics are on sale till the end of January, so if your collections are short of great zines e-mail me and place an order kaija(at)kaijapapu.com. You can check prices and what we have left in www.kaino-kustanne.com. Remember that Totally Sweet Love Awesomeness, Rodeokingi and Fox Trouble are in english!

Contemporary museum Kiasma in Helsinki has renewed their own magazine and the new look has some Papu wibe in it. The comic that I have made for Kiasma magazine is an individual small zine that you can cut out and fold into a small comic. You can get Kiasma magazine (in english) from Kiasma's entrance and it will also be published in some point on their web page



Magenta Skycode is a Turku-based band and since Turku people are totally screwed up they are now releasing 529 copies of 7" vinyls with blank covers. The idea is that all those covers will be drawn individually by different people. Well, since Tampere people are almost as screwed up Kaija Papu has promised to draw these covers like a machine: fast, efficiently and perfectly! Well anyway, this vinyl's release party is held Friday 9.10.2009 17.00-19.00 in Levykauppa Äx (Kristiinankatu 4, Turku, Finland) and Kaija is also there drawing covers. The customer can also influence in what is being drawn. Never have been original Kaija Papu drawings and good music been THIS CHEAP! You should totally be there!



Kierrätystä (Recycling)exhibition by the Artists' Association of Finland in Riihimäki Artmuseum 11.9.-29.11.2009. Drilling into ecological issues this exhibition brings art from 54 artists from all around Finland. This long list of artists also contains the names Kaija Papu and Aino Louhi. Check it out!

Riihimäki Artmuseum (www.riihimaki.fi/taidemuseo) Temppelikatu 8, Riihimäki, Finland
Open: Tues-Thurs 11-18.00, Fri-Sun 11-17.00
Opening party Fri 11.9.2009 at 18.00. WELCOME!!

The Nights and Days of Tribades a prime time week of lbtq culture in Helsinki is turning 10 years old. To clebrate this there is a jubilee exhibition in Gallery18 in Helsinki. The artists presenting works are
: Viva Granlund, Corinna Helenelund, Anna-Liisa Kankaanmäki, Katariina Katla, Anne Koskinen, Laura Lilja, Heidi Lunabba and Kaija Papu.

Sateenkaaren tuolla puolen (The Other Side Of THe Rainbow) is open 14.-27.9.2009, Mon-Fri 9-17.
Galleria G18, Yrjönkatu 18, Helsinki, Finland
Opening party on mon 14.9. 17-19 WELCOME!!

It's that time of the year again when you have a headache and you are sweaty. Which means that all the small press people have been cramped into the upstairs of Kulttuuriareena Gloria, where air is still and it smells funny. But HEY, it's totally worth it! Me and Aino Louhi are also there selling our freshly baked comics that are also in ENGLISH!!

Sat 12.9. and Sun 13.9. 10-18 at Kulttuuriareena Gloria, Pikku Roobertinkatu 12, Helsinki, Finland. More info at : www.sarjakuvafestivaalit.fi

PIRKANMAAN 4. TRIENNAALI 19.9.2009 - 3.1.1010
Pirkanmaan Triennaali is big and beautiful exhibition that presents new and relevant contemporary art from the Pirkanmaa area. This year there's works from artists like: Kaija Papu, Aino Louhi, Sanni Seppä, Sami Sänpäkkilä, Antti Pussinen and Krister Gråhn. So it goes without saying that there's a garanteed art orgasm coming up!
Pirkanmaan Triennaali is shown in the following places: Tampere Artmuseum 19.9.2009-3.1.1010, Taidekeskus Mältinranta 19.9.-6.10.2009, MEDIAtunnel, 18.9.-15.10.2009 and Artmuseum Hiekka19.9.-20.12. 2009.

My videowork I Totally Have Nothing To Wear is shown in MEDIAtunnel (connects Frenckell Square and Finlayson), my comics can be read in the Tampere Artmuseum (Puutarhakatu 34, Tampere, Finland) and To Be Watched Inside Out knitted artwork by me and Aino Louhi can be admired infront of the museum.

Tampere Artmuseum is open Tues-Sun 10-18.



Turkish International Videofestival is also showing my videowork
I Totally Have Nothing To Wear.
Poster of the event.
More info about the festival: www.kuryevideo.org.

TAJU 09 - SENSE OF REALITY 12.6.-30.8. 2009
Artmuseum of Hyvinkää brings us their annual summer exhibition an this year's curator is Teemu Mäki. There's a lot of talented artists presenting their work, from Adel Abidin to Henry Wuorela-Saarela. Me and my colleague Aino Louhi have knitted two artpieces: Pitsihilli and Stairway To Heaven. Pitsihilli is a hand knitted story that is covering the Hitsaajat (The Welders) -statue in the center of Hyvinkää.
It brings together the history of Kone Oy (company that makes elevators) and Villatehdas (woolfactory), which both have played a big part in the wellnes and growth of Hyvinkää city. Stairway To Heaven is a colourful piece that gives you exactly what the name applies.
More info about the exhibition: www.todellisuudentaju.com.
Opening of the exhibition Thursday 11.6.2009, 18.00. WELCOME!!
Address: Hämeenkatu 3 D, Hyvinkää, Finland. Opening hours: Tues-Thurs 11-18, Fri-Sun 11-17, Mon closed.

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY... 12.6.-13.9. 2009
Money, money, money... -exhibition is commenting consumerism and the power of money. It will be exhibited all summer long in Raisio museum Harkko. My videowork I Totally Have Nothing To Wear will also be presented.

More info about the museum and the exhibition in www.raisio.fi/harkko.
Opening of the exhibition Thurs 11.6.2009 18.00-19.30. WELCOME!!
Address: Nallinkatu 2, Raisio, Finland. Opening hours: Tues, Thurs, Fri 10-16, Wed 10-19, Sat-Sun 12-15

Both Svenska Kulturfonden and Tampere city deserves the biggest thanks! I got a 1-year grant from Svenska Kulturfonden (unbelievable sweet!) and a smaller grant to execute and exhibition from Tampere city (totally sweet!). THANKS!

Kaino-Productions released three new comics, all done by me. And the greatest thing is that one of them is in english and two other ones have english translations in them. How sweet?
Fox Trouble (8€) and Rodeokingi (8€) are both full color spectacles that were drawn in 24 concecutive hours. Totally Sweet Love Awesomess (5€) is thick and slightly violent depiction of love. You can order these by sending e-mail to me kaija(at)kaijapapu.com, or buy them from Kiasma store or Myymälä2 in Helsinki, or Bukra bookstore in Tampere.



Black humor, sarcasm and even blacker humor is all part of the deal in my solo exhibition in Gallery Rajatila. Felt-tip pen drawings have all strong text and a picture compinations. But don't worry there is english translations available at the gallery, so you are also able to enjoy.

Opening of the exhibition is Fri 6.3. 18.00-20.00. WELCOME!
Gallery Rajatila, Hämeenpuisto 10, 33210 Tampere, Finland.
Opening hours Tues-Fri 13-18, Sat-Sun 12-16. to Rajatila

Poster of the exhibition.



The happiest Kaija and Aino in the world.
Maailman onnellisin puu (The Happiest Tree in the World) put the biggest smile on Kaija Papu's and Aino Louhi's faces on Fri 6.1.2009 when the environmental art pieces of the year 2008 were awarded. This year the award was shared with Nuage Vert (Green Cloud) made by Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen. The annual prize is given by Finnish environmental art association.

MEGALOMANIA / Huoltamo 3 years -group exhibition!
Tampere situated Gallery Huoltamo is turning three years old. To celebrate this there is a jubilee group exhibition with artists that have presented their art in Huoltamo in former years.

Artists taking part of the party:
Petri Ala-Maunus, Kim Simonsson, Jani Leinonen, Miklos Gaál, Terhi Heino, Hannaleena Heiska, Timo Vaittinen, Pekka Niskanen, Eeva-Mari Haikala, Marja Patrikainen, Maiju Salmenkivi, Eevaleena Eklund, Kaija Papu, Aino Louhi, Samppa Törmälehto, Kalle Turakka Purhonen, Aleksi Tolonen, Thomas Westphal, Miia Rinne, Jussi Koitela, Liina Mäki-Patola, Swaeg, Kalle Mustonen, Maria Leppänen & Jenni Lahtinen, Kaarina Haka, Juha Nenonen, Katriina Lankinen, Sampsa Virkajärvi, Arttu Merimaa & Miina Hujala, Juhana Moisander, Saara Kariranta and Markus Renvall.

So a lot of good stuff is shown! Me and Aino Louhi are presenting a yet untitled knitted masterpiece. The opening ceremony takes place in Gallery Huoltamo, Suvantokatu 4, on Fri 13.2.2009 18.00-20.00. You and your friends are more than welcome!

Gallery Huoltamo's web page is www.galleriahuoltamo.net

Tampere has a friend and it's called Miskolc. Karton Szalon exhibition place is a former commercial property now part of Miskolc Museum. Karton Szalon presents pearls of contemporary art from Tampere-based artists during 3.2.–22.2.2009.
Exhibition shows works from the following artists: Kaija Papu (I Love You Forever -photo installation and I Totally Have Nothing To Wear -video), Hannamari Matikainen, Sanni Seppä, Jere Seppänen, Samppa Törmälehto, Jarno Vesala, Risto-Pekka Blom, Henna Inkinen and Sanni Rajapolvi.

More info about the exhibition place from here.



Aino Louhi has an exhibition called Geomagika: Planetaario (Planetarium) in Studio Mältinranta (Kuninkaankatu 2, Tampere) 24.1.-10.2. 2009. The opening of the exhibition is on fri 23.1. at 18-20. Welgo!! More info about the exhibition and everything else from her spectacular homepage www.ainolouhi.com.



My name is Play, PosterPlay.
PosterPlay gathers together comic posters that were made in a comic course I held in Dakar, Senegal. The course was based on the guidelines of Word Comics –Finland. The kids attending to the course drew four panel educational comic posters that were distributed in the neighborhood. The goal was to agitate people to discuss and alter their behaviour to gain a more comfortable habitat. Drawing style of these kids is totally fierce! In a rough way.. This bilingual (English and French) 16-page masterpiece is a MUST HAVE! Plus Ville Pirinen, famous Finnish artist, thinks this comic is "TOTALLY AMAZING!" It's yours with only 4€ + postage and you can order it by sending an e-mail to me kaija(at)kaijapapu.com.

Majaoja foundation has obviously very good taste when it comes to art. No wonder then that they gave me a grant to execute an art project. Thanks again!



There is a a new DJ-section on the front page. It shows you where the local indie cream is and how to whip it! If you are longing for the sketchbook that never got updated, it is right here as you can see.

Solo exhibition: KAIKKI OLI TÄYDELLISTÄ! (EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!) in Joensuu, Finland
Three different photo installations cover the walls of Gallery Kohina, (Koskikatu 1, 2nd floor of the red brick house, Joensuu, Finland). The exhibition is up 20.11.-7.12.2008. The Gallery is open Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-15, Sun 12-16. www.joensuuntaiteilijaseura.net



Did you miss the Kaikki oli täydellistä!-exhibition? No worries.
You can check pictures form the exhibition here. And if you REALLY want to see the pictures live, it is possible next month in Galleria Kohina, Joensuu, Finland 20.11.-7.12.2008.



In this solo exhibition photographs are invading the walls of Sinne Gallery. There is Polaroid photos of men who have written a continuation of the sentence "I didn't want to have sex because..." beneath the photo. Other half of the gallery is covered with photos of oval-shaped objects. These norm-breaking installations are presented in Gallery Sinne, Helsinki, Finland, 3.-19.10.2008.

OPENING PARTY thursday 2.10. 2008, 18.00-20.00. Welcome!

Galleri Sinne, Yrjönkatu 23, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
Opening hours tue-sun 11.00-17.00

Taiteilijat 2008 (Artists 2008) is an Artists' Association of Finland: Artists' 113th Annual Exhibition. It's a diverse review of current contemporary art scene in Finland. Exhibition shows 101 art pieces from 75 artists from around the country. This show also presents my video work I Totally Have Nothing To Wear.

OPENING PARTY thursday 25.9. starting 18.00. Welcome!

Kuntsi Museum Of Modern Art , Sisäsatama PL3, 65100 Vaasa, Finland
Opening hours tue-sun 11.00-17.00, thu 11.00-20.00

Thank you very much Arts Council of Finland for a Residency grant.
Thank you very much Grönqvist foundation for a stipendium to support artistical work.
Thank you very much Arts Council of Pirkanmaa for a week-long residency in Prague.



Jana Sterbak Knew We'd Be a Perfect Match -photoinstallation is presented as part of the festival. After the festival is over the exhibition is going to be up untill the end of August or as long as there's still free prints of the art work.

Exhibition place is Dumpling Café, Reuterstr. 29, Berlin-Neukölln, Germany. Opening hours: Tues-Fri 14-22, Sat 12-22, Sun 12-18. More information about the festival: www.ladyfest.net

Me and Aino Louhi have two knitted installations in the exhibition, Maailman ihanin piano (The Loveliest Piano In The World) ja Kas, sehän on pilari! (Look, It's A Pillar!). They are soft, divine and you can touch them. With the help of Mummon Kammari we gathered a work group to help us knit the piano. The members of the work group were: Ritva Heikkilä, Raija Karvinen, Maija-Liisa Kiviniemi, Anneli Kytölinna and Sirkka Tauromaa.

THANK YOU all members of the work group and Mummon Kammari! Also a huge thanks to Novita, who sponsored us with kilos of colourful threads. There is a small article about the piano in their web-page www.novita.fi.

The group exhibition presents also works from the following artists: Petri Eskelinen, Mika Kalilainen, Mari Järventausta, Jyri Kaasinen, Mikko Kallio, Saara Kariranta, Matti Kuronen, Tiina Lamminen and Elisa Matikainen.

Haihara Artcenter, Haiharankatu 30, Tampere, Finland.
Opening hours Tues-Sun 12-18.

ARS KÄRSÄMÄKI 7.6.-24.8. 2008
This year's theme in ARS Kärsämäki is incorrect comments. The exhibition has been curated by Laura Lilja and it presents the following artists:
Antti Hämäläinen, Antton Mikkonen, Azar Saiyar, Joonas Kiviharju, Marja Mikkonen, Ella Tahkolahti, Erika Erre, Hanna Jaanisoo, Heidi Lunabba, Heikki Lappalainen, Jarkko Rantanen, Kaija Papu, Kalle Nieminen, Megafån ( = Fredrika Biström, Freja Bäckman and Heidi Lunabba), Mimosa Pale, Sanna Pajunen, Terhi Ylimäinen and Tonja Goldblatt.

The exhibition is held in Kärsämäki, Finland 7.6.-24.8. 2008. Driving directions and other info: www.arskarsamaki.net

Click this to check pictures from the exhibition

ORANKI ART 15.6. - 31.8.2008
Oranki Art is an environmental art exhibition that is held in village Oranki, in Finland's Lapland. The presented artworks are mainly done in a week long workshop on the spot accompanied by the nightless nights and astonishing views. Me and Aino Louhi knitted like crazy for a week and created an spectacular art piece called Maailman onnellisin puu (The Happiest Tree On Earth).

Exhibition has art works from the following artists: Fumico Azuma and Tim Can, Bampa Fly, Maria Huhmarniemi, Risto Immonen, Hiroko Kagawa, Kaija Kaivosoja, Essi Korva and Saara Mattila, Lasse Lassheikki, Aino Louhi and Kaija Papu, Satu Loukkola, Sauli Miettunen, Miikku Tolonen and Teuvo Tuomivaara.

Exhibition is open night and day. More information: www.orankiart.fi.



Turku Artists' Association has a residency in Dakar, Senegal and I was proudly accepted there. I'm going to hold a comic workshop for girls and women in there. My intentions are to compile a Irtoparta 9 -anthology from the comics they made. It might not work out, since local women are too occupied with home. If that doesn't work out, I'm holding a comic workshop for the local kids. Maybe I can compile another anthology from their comics. Yet to be seen....



i have my webpage now also in English. I will probably not update it as often as the Finnish one, but at least most of the info is now available in English.

Kuvatus4 is a comicbook diary of April 2007. It shows my and Aino Louhi's life for one month. It's mainly a sad depiction of a time era of tragic events and depression. Still it manages to bring forth giggles about child cancer and small penises. Lot of it is done in English and you can order it from kaija(at)kaijapapu.com or kaino(at)kaino-kustanne.com. 5 €uros, please.