Kaija Papu and Aino Louhi, Pitsihilli, 2009
Hyvinkää city center
, summer 2009





Dear Hitsaajat (welders),

I've been checking you out for quite a while now and I think you are like SO HOT. Your tight calves really make me purrrr... Would you go on a date with me in the library park? We could, well, you know, hug a little.
Or even kiss.
And I also have this pretty ginormous queston for you.....OMG!
Will you go statue with me?
Please say yes.

Hot summer kisses from


Pitsihilli is a handknitted story, which is covering Mauno Oittinen's Hitsaajat (Welders) statue in Hyvinkää city center. It brings together the history of Kone Oy (Finnish elevator company) and Villatehdas (local woolfactory, that no longer operates), both being important factors in the well-being and growth of Hyvinkää city.

  Kaija Papu Kaija Papu