Kaikki oli täydellistä! (Everything was perfect!), 2008
Text decal and 103 Polaroid photos, 10,8 x 8,9 cm each
People in the pictures have themselves continued the sentence "I didn't want to have sex because..."
"fear conquered the desire"
"mother-in-law slept behind the wall." "Everything was perfect!"

"I wanted more than just sex with that person."



Jana Sterbak Knew We’d Be A Perfect Match, 2007
Lambda-print, 15 x 10 cm, installation view from Kaikki oli täydellistä! -exhibition in Galleri Sinne, Helsinki, Finland
This art piece is free, if you want your own copy, please contact me at kaija(at)kaijapapu.com


Rakastan sinua ikuisesti (I Love You Forever), 2007-2008 (click here to view a larger entity of the work)
Over thousand 10 x 15 cm Lambda-prints

Installation view from ARS Kärsämäki 2008 -exhibition, Kärsämäki, Finland  

1. I despise the taste of sperm 2. I still choose to swallow 3. Guess I'm no feminist
Guess I’m no feminist,
3 ink-jet prints, each 44 x 60 cm


untitled, 2003
3 silver gelatine prints 40.5x 30.5 cm, 40.5x 30.5 cm and 70x 39 cm

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