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Together with Aino Louhi

Yarn, elastic thread and wire, height of the statue approx. 5 meters

Mauno Oittinen's statue Hitsaajat (Welders) was covered with handknitted cloth in the summer 2009 as part of the TAJU -exhibition. The statue is situated in the center of Hyvinkää city, Finland.

Hitsaajat (welders) statue is a recognition towards the welders of Finnish elevator company Kone Oy, which has been an important factor in the well-being and growth of Hyvinkää city. The local woolfactory Villatehdas (no longer operating) has also had a tremendous influence in the growth of Hyvinkää, but the women working in the wool factory has no statue. Me and Aino wanted to bring the history of the woolfactory equally alongside the welders.  

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